What is School For?

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Posted on March 7, 2019

Schools Kill Creativity

Below are a couple of videos that really inspired me a few years ago at Mistakes Kids Make. In them, Sir Ken Robinson argues that school kills creativity. In an industrialized society, we strive for fitting in and getting the right answer. But as he waxes eloquently, that’s not what schools should be doing.

For me, it has become very provocative to think of education reform in the sense of creative destruction and getting to the core of helping kids really achieve their potential. I believe that education reform will actually come from a grass roots effort. It will come from unlikely sources, much like the technology that fuels it.

It will come from parents, and creative employers and entrepreneurs and the kids themselves. In many cases, the kids themselves will be the entrepreneurs who force the change.

Make no mistake change is coming

And all the political crap will continue to produce nothing, except very expensive

If your interested, and I mean interested like vested in the future, then you may also get a great deal of value from Seth Godin’s new manifesto Stop Stealing Dreams (what is a school for?). In it, he sets a slightly different tone for us to listen for in the winds of change. He is a marketer that I have followed for years and his forecast on media and trends like education reform have been dead on.

If you are more interested learning about education reform in an audiovisual way you have the following videos that I highly recommend.